Data and Online Database

Institutional data submitted to the CCPE is a central aspect for the CCPE to measure the educational health and prosperity of Nebraska's postsecondary institutions. Here, contributing institutions may submit requested data regarding their institutions and view comparative, preliminary statistics before reports are released to the public.

SystemStatusDescription Use Central Login
CC Course List Running Comm. College Master Course List YES
Facility Running College Facility Data YES
Financial Aid Running Financial Aid YES
Program Inventory Running Program Inventory YES
Supplemental Info Only Supplemental Data Collection Will
WIA/Perkins UI Match Running WIA/Perkins UI Match Request YES
CCPE Staff only
eLibrary Running Assign alias to URL YES
CCPE Clippings Running Tracking Clippings about CCPE YES
Retired. For historical reference only.
NEEDS Running Nebraska NEEDS Data YES
County Migration Discontinued County Migration Survey NO

** We are in the process of building a central login system, in which you would only have one password. We also look forward to including the county migration system next year.

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