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Newest Updates
Guide to WIA file upload 2004.04.27How to upload WIA files.
Data template with references 2013.09.09Add NDEID column; CIP 2010; New Race Code;
Only for historical reference
Data template with references 2010.09.13Re-name column to 'CTE concentrator' and add residence column
Data template with references 2009.09.10Move 1st enroll date to the last
Data template with references 2009.04.02With Perkins info added
Carl Perkings Extension 2008.10.26Revise Carl Perkings fields
Carl Perkings Extension 2008.01.30Addition fields can be used with Carl Perkings
Acceptable data format 2006.12.12- Additional MPCC campus code
Acceptable data format 2006.06.27- Make clear the time period
Acceptable data format 2004.10.22- Update MPCC campus code
Acceptable data format 2004.10.06- New Year/Month code
Acceptable data format 2004.04.27MS word document that Specifies data format.