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Midwestern Higher Education Compact

The Midwestern Higher Education Compact is a nonprofit regional organization established by compact statute to assist midwestern states in advancing higher education through interstate cooperation and resource sharing. Member states are:

Illinois Indiana Iowa Kansas Michigan
Minnesota Missouri Nebraska Ohio Wisconsin

MHEC seeks to fill its interstate mission through programs which:

  • enhance productivity through reductions in administrative costs
  • encourage student access, completion and affordability
  • facilitate public policy analysis and information exchange
  • facilitate regional cooperation
  • encourage quality educational programs and services in higher education
  • encourage innovation in the delivery of educational services

Midwest Student Exchange Program (MSEP)

The Midwestern Higher Education Compact (MHEC) established the Midwest Student Exchange Program (MSEP) in 1994 to increase the interstate education opportunities for students in its member states. Residents of Nebraska, Kansas, Michigan, Minnesota, and Missouri are eligible for the MSEP. Students from these states, who attend designated programs at participating colleges and universities outside their home state, will pay substantially less than nonresident tuition rates. Tuition for MSEP students attending designated out-of-state public institutions is equal to 150 percent of regular in-state tuition. Estimates of student savings, if enrolled in a MSEP program, range from $500 to $3,000.

Over 100 institutions from the five-state area participate in the Midwest Student Exchange Program. In Nebraska, these institutions include: The University of Nebraska-Lincoln; the University of Nebraska at Omaha, the University of Nebraska at Kearney; the University of Nebraska Medical Center; Metropolitan Community College; Chadron State College; Peru State College; and Wayne State College. State and institutional participation in the MSEP is voluntary.

A student's eligibility for admission is determined by each participating institution. Under the Midwest Student Exchange Program's policies, students from participating states are awarded MSEP tuition reduction only at those degree levels (associate, baccalaureate, masters or doctorate) for which their home state offers programs to MSEP students from other states. Additionally, the student's MSEP status is retained only if he or she is enrolled in the program to which he or she was originally admitted and is making satisfactory progress toward program completion.

In Nebraska, the Coordinating Commission for Postsecondary Education coordinates the Midwest Student Exchange Program. As part of its responsibilities, the Coordinating Commission provides the Midwest Student Exchange Bulletin to high school counselors and college admissions counselors throughout Nebraska. The bulletin identifies all of the participating institutions and programs in which the MSEP student might enroll. For further information, contact the Coordinating Commission at (402) 471-2847.