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Improving Teacher Quality State Grants

To receive a high-quality education, a student must have a capable teacher. That's why the federal government created the Improving Teacher Quality State Grants. Ensuring that all teachers are highly qualified to teach increases the academic achievement of students and school districts.

Each year, the Coordinating Commission awards Improving Teacher Quality State Grants to Nebraska's innovative leaders in education. Grants are not awarded to individuals, but to partnerships formed by local, high-need educational agencies and a Nebraska college or university. These partnerships design and produce professional development activities to improve the skills of teachers, paraprofessionals, and principals.

The application period has closed for 2015-2016 grants. The Commission will choose the grant recipients at its Jan. 21, 2016 meeting.

Past Grant Recipients

For more information or if you have any questions about ITQ grants, please contact Dr. Kathleen Fimple, Academic Programs Officer, at (402) 471-0030 or by email at