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2004 Baseline Report: Challenges and Opportunities for Nebraska

This report provides baseline data pertaining to each of the three major priorities identified by the Nebraska Legislature's Higher Education Task Force. The report was presented in December 2004 to the Coordinating Commission for Postsecondary Education Commissioners.  The priorities are:

  1. Increase the number of students who enter postsecondary education in Nebraska;
  2. Increase the proportion of students who enroll and successfully persist through degree program completion; and
  3. Reduce, eliminate, and then reverse the net out-migration of Nebraskans with high levels of educational attainment.


2004 Baseline Report: Challenges and Opportunities for Nebraska

  1. Volume I: Executive Summary and Statistical Report Volume I provides baseline statistics and other information for monitoring progress toward achieving the three key priorities for Nebraska’s postsecondary education system recommended by the task force. Specifically, the report provides baseline statistics and related information on total postsecondary enrollment trends, demographic trends, Nebraska high school graduation and dropout rates, college preparation, continuation rates, need for financial aid, student migration, enrollment by race/ethnicity, freshmen retention rates, college graduation rates, degrees awarded and state labor force in-and-out-migration rates by age and education level.

    Supplemental: Out-of-State Colleges and Universities Attended by Nebraska Resident First-Time Freshmen (586k )
  2. Volume II: Institutional Responses Collaboration with K-12 Schools, Business and Industry Support Activities Volume II provides baseline information on institutional collaborations with K-12 schools and businesses.