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Community College Study

Dec. 11, 2009: Coordinating Commission releases final version of LB 340 Community College Study.

CCPE Commissioners approved the report at their Dec. 10, 2009 meeting in Lincoln.

LB 340 Community College Study - Full Report

LB 340 Community College Study - Executive Summary

Additional appendices:

Appendix 3.6: State Auditor's report

Appendix 4.2: Cost study directions

Appendix 4.3: Course weighting - background and methodology

Appendix 4.4: CIP cost study data


On April 22, 2009, Gov. Dave Heineman signed in to law LB 340.  This bill authorized the Coordinating Commission for Postsecondary Education (CCPE) to study Nebraska's community college system and offer recommendations for a variety of issues including the role and mission of Nebraska's community colleges and appropriate weighting of courses for state funding.

Ad Hoc Committee on the LB 340 Study

The CCPE established an ad hoc committee for the study.  Members include Commissioners Eric Seacrest (chair), Riko Bishop, Dr. Dick Davis, Dr. Joyce Simmons and Carol Zink.

Nebraska Statutes

Legislative Bill 340 (slip law)

Nebraska Role and Mission Statutes

Community College Foundation and Equalization Aid Act

LB 340 Community College Study Timeline

4/20/09 to 5/15/09: CCPE staff creating study design

6/18/09: Initial hearing to gather public input on study issues

6/19/09 to 10/16/09: Work on study (CCPE and colleges)

10/21/09: Public hearing at the Thompson Center at the University of Nebraska at Omaha, 6705 Dodge St., Omaha. 7:30 p.m.

11/24/09: Public hearing on draft report

12/10/09: CCPE consideration/approval of draft report

12/15/09: Deliver report to Legislature and Governor

If you have questions or are seeking additional information, please contact Jason Keese, public information and special projects coordinator with the CCPE, at or (402) 471-0023.