Package info:
  1. New Site added in the hidden d_St table.
Download and Installation:
  1. Download MkCsvAcc01082003.mdb(Access97) or MkCsvAcc2K01082003.mdb(Access2000).
  2. To Move/Migrate data from old MkCsvAcc???.mdb to MkCsvAcc01082003.mdb :
    1. Open the downloaded MkCsvAcc01082003.mdb by double click it.
    2. Do [File][Get External Data][Import...]
    3. Select the old MkCsvAcc.mdb file and click 'Import'.
    4. Select [Tables] Tag.
    5. Highlight T_Building, T_OrgnztnlUnt, T_Room and T_Site.
    6. Click 'OK'.
    7. You see Table: T_Building, T_OrgnztnlUnt, T_Room and T_Site show up in your new MkCsvAcc01082003.mdb database.
If you are not sure how to do this, send us the .mdb file, we do it for you.