Package info:
  1. This package contains DAS Codes for University and State Colleges.
  2. The data comes from State of Nebraska DAS department.
  3. OK. Here's what we learn about the 'Building' DAS code :
    • DAS building code consists of 2 number seperated by '-'. The first number indicates the building number, the second number is used to identify addtion part to a building.
    • To reduce institution's work, our program will take institutions input and format it when necessary. For examples :
      For building 235, we will accept: '00235', 235, '235-00' or '00235-00'.
      For building 235-01, we will accept: '00235-01', '235-1'.
    • When generating a report, we follow the same general rule: 2 number seperated by '-'.
  4. For DAS Site/Complex code, it is a single number and can be padded with 0 to 5 digit. We will try to be flexiable and allow both 00235 and 235.
  5. This first version is very rough since we have to scan it from paper
    copies. To read it, you may like to reduce the font size or change
    paper margins. Errors are possible. Later copy will have better quality.
  6. The file below is in RTF file format and is best read with MS Word or
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