List of User Documents

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    BrwsrSttng.htm 2002.04.18Browser Settings
    Rn2NwElmnts.doc 2001.07.05New data elements added for run 2.
    ReadMe.txt 2001.07.05Introduction and Guide to documents.
    CsvNote.txt 2001.03.09 What is CCPE-CSV file format.
    SmplAll.txt 2000.01.28 Sample CSV file for facility inventory.
    MkCsv.txt 2000.03.09 How to create CSV file with CCPE tools.
    QckRfrnc.doc 2001.07.05 Allowed value for data fields.
    DasCd.rtf 2001.01.18 Das Codes.
    RmUseCd 1992.07.01 Room Use Code Defined by NCES.
    FldDef.txt 2001.07.05 Define field length.
    08052002Addndm.asp 2002.08.05 Validation Criteria.